Astral Buoyancy's Dyneema Throw Bag is a core throw rope integrates perfectly into the Greenjacket's rope ready pocket. At 50 feet long it fits comfortably in the front pocket of the GJ, where it is accessible at all times (even when your boat happens to be downstream.)
  • Dyneema┬« core 50'
  • Dyneema┬« core Tensile Strength: 1800lbs
  • Diameter: 7mm
  • Colors: Assorted

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I liked the idea of having a throw bag stored in my Astral Willis PFD. It is hard to pull the bag out of the pfd pocket and then it's even harder to open the bag to access the rope. In an emergency, I might be pumped up enough to do it quickly, unless my hands were already tired and numb with cold, as they often are in whitewater. I do like the high vis yellow, and the reflective material is downright cool. The workmanship of astral products is always first rate. I'm not sorry that I chose it. My son and I will just be that much safer on the river.

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