The Dagger Mamba kayak 7.6, 8.1, and 8.6- Creek Seat has been the go-to river runner for beginners and experienced boaters for years. Its forgiving rolling and crisp edging provides a kayak to either start a paddling career or take an advanced boater to the next level. The Creek Seat version gives the experienced Class V paddler the features necessary for safety while providing a solid platform to the aspiring beginner. With the new design, the Dagger Mamba will be one of the leading all-around kayaks on the market.

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Length Width Deck Height Weight Cockpit Length Cockpit Width Paddler Weight Volume Deck Size

Mamba 7.6

7'7" 25.5" 14" 44 lbs 34" 19" 120-170 lbs 64 gal L
Mamba 8.1 8'1" 26.75" 15" 47 lbs 34" 19" 150-220 lbs 77 gal L
Mamba 8.6 8'6" 27.5" 15.5" 51 lbs 34" 19" 175-260 lbs 89 gal L