The Dagger Mamba kayak 7.6, 8.1, and 8.6- Creek Seat has been the go-to river runner for beginners and experienced boaters for years. Its forgiving rolling and crisp edging provides a kayak to either start a paddling career or take an advanced boater to the next level. The Creek Seat version gives the experienced Class V paddler the features necessary for safety while providing a solid platform to the aspiring beginner. With the new design, the Dagger Mamba will be one of the leading all-around kayaks on the market.

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  • Outfitting- Whitewater PFS 2.0 System
  • Ratcheting, adjustable backband
  • Safety step out wall
  • Security grab handles
  • Larger volume for speed and stability
  • Crisper control
  • Added safety features
  • Refined edging
  • Improved bow rocker
Sprayskirt Deck Sizes for Mamba:
  • Snapdragon: Large
  • Immersion Research: XLarge
  • Bomber Gear: Large
  Length Width Deck Height Weight Cockpit Length Cockpit Width Paddler Weight Volume Deck Size

Mamba 7.6

7'7" 25.5" 14" 44 lbs 34" 19" 120-170 lbs 64 gal L
Mamba 8.1 8'1" 26.75" 15" 47 lbs 34" 19" 150-220 lbs 77 gal L
Mamba 8.6 8'6" 27.5" 15.5" 51 lbs 34" 19" 175-260 lbs 89 gal L

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Like BC Boater on here, I am 6' 1", 190 lbs, and used to paddle a large Burn (2010 version). I switched to the Mamba because I wanted less edge, thicker plastic, and more volume than what the Burn had, and that is exactly what the Mamba 8.6 is. I primarily paddle big water, but do some creeking/waterfalls from time to time, and the Mamba does well in all these aspects, but it's definitely a river runner rather than a creeker. The Mamba drives like a tank - I've found that is just plows through holes that would stop me in my Burn, and the softer edges make it a lot less catchy in funky water. It's pretty heavy too, which means a little more elbow grease in getting it up to speed, but that's a small price to pay in my opinion for how bomber it is. One thing; make sure you push the seat forward so your stern isn't dragging, because stock its pretty far back which leads to some interesting rides until you move it forward. Overall an excellent boat - looks like it will last much longer than my Burn, due to the thicker plastic and solid outfitting. I would recommend it for sure!

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