The 2014 Jackson Star- Star, Allstar, Super Star is a user friendly, high performing freestyle boat yet! It is faster and looser than any play boat Jackson Kayak has had to offer. The overall view of the boat is sleek, sexy, and less stubby compared to previous models. This provides smoother cartwheels, bigger loops, and the balanced ends are easier to keep vertical. This makes hard moves easier and bigger. Jackson is making three sizes in the Star series: the Star, the All-Star, and the Super Star.

Jackson Kayak 2014 Star Series Features:

  • More volume in the same length
  • Less stubby than previous models
  • Slicier bow that allows easier cartwheels
  • Easier to launch off the water on waves.
  • More retentive - much easier to stick moves
  • Built-in GoPro mounts!

Sprayskirt Deck Sizes for the Star:

  • Snapdragon: Large (relaxed fit)
  • Immersion Research: Large
  • Bombe

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