Jackson Kayak's C1 Outfitting Kit provides you with all the neccessary outfitting to convert any 2010 or later JK model to C1! It is fully functional for play boating, river running, and creeking. The kit has everything you need except the tools. You need a wrench, a phillips head screw, and a drill to drill out the seat brackets from the kayak outfitting. It should only take about 30 minutes to install. 
  • C1 Saddle that mounts directly on the plastic floor track
  • Thigh straps
  • Attachment d-rings
  • Backband
  • Foam saddle seat riser
  • Backband supporter to keep it up high
  • Knee pads are also standard
  • Velcro strips to make for easily adjustable foam positioning.
All Jackson Kayak whitewater models are now available

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I got to try the Jackson Kayak C! Outfitting last night in Salida in a JAckson Rock Star. I've decked C!-boated for 30+ years.... this is innovative.. The back band is amazing and the overall fit was very comfortable.

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