The Jackson Kayak Fun - 2 Fun, Fun, and 4 Fun is the 3rd generation river running/playboating kayak designed to get you down the river safely and with a big smile on your face. Ultra comfortable and adjustable outfitting and 3 sizes to ensure the perfect fit for performance and easy rolling. The Jackson Fun has new outfitting for 2012 that is simple and sturdy. The Footbag and Sweet Cheeks have been replaced with high quality foam. You do have the option to buy the Sweet Cheeks and Happy Feet as separate items that can be easily installed.

Note: The Jackson Super Fun is the Generation 2 Hull Shape, with 2013 outfitting and go-pro mount.

Jackson Fun Features:

  • Outfitting: New black/grey material everywhere. SL seat pad, new backband, new thigh pads. Water bottle. New grab handles.
  • Composite Beam Floor Support for a rigid, fast hull
  • Great Knee Comfort and foot comfort (narrower knee position to take stress off your

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