Kokatat's River Tow Tether has a simple design to make river rescue easy. Compatible with the Ronin Pro PFD, The River Tow Tether tucks out of your way but is easily accessible.
  • 5 ft. webbing.
  • Wire gate carabiner.
  • Only works with Rescue PFD's.
Item number: 12247

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This is one one tight package. Everything about this tether, demonstrates safety first. First, its easy to use, just pull out from the Pouch on the Ronin Pro and clip the beaner on the grab loop. There is enough webbing to haull a kayak in. Unlike other tethers, this one is easy to restow with the flat webbing by opening one end fo the pouch, and quickly hauling in the webing. The webing easily folds up and disappera int the pouch. This is the fastest restow tether made. Best of the best.

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