The Liquidlogic Remix XP 9 and 10 has come up with the perfect blend of stable, fast flat water cruising and mild whitewater capabilities. The completely redesigned seat provides unmatched comfort, storage and safety while the bow pillar swivels up for easy bow storage. Look to the XP for overnight trips on the river and lakes or load up all the necessary toys for a comfortable day trip. The hull design keeps speed while giving you stability and the drop skeg ensures this kayak tracks straight on open water.

LiquidLogic Remix XP's 9 and 10 Features:

  • The do-it-all seat provides rigidity to the hull, back band swivels up for easy access to the stern, has two quick point attachments for gear, and gives you the comfort to be in the kayak all day.
  • The swiveling bow wall moves to easily pack gear in up front and is shaped to provide a stable handle when transporting the boat over your shoulder.
  • With the skeg up option maneuver around ri

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