The Liquid Logic Remix kayak series- Remix 59, Remix 69, Remix 79 is designed to be the most comfortable river runner you've ever been in and ideal for novices and instructors. It combines a narrow, long hull with a modern chine placement for a comfortable and stable package that is easy to roll and fast on the river.

The Remix combines the clear advantages of a relatively narrow and longer hull platform with modern chine placement to create an unrivaled comfortable, stable and responsive package.
  • Narrow and longer hull platform
  • Modern chine placement for comfortable and responsive boat
  • Perfect for novices and instructors excited about rolling.
  • Extra width in the ends provide stability for eddy turns.














































LengthWidthWeightCockpit LengthCockpit WidthPaddler WeightVolumeDeck Size
Remix 598'5"25"42 lb33"20"110-200 lbs59 galL
Remix 698'8"25.5"44 lb34"20"130-240 lbs69 galL
Remix 798'11"26.5"46 lb34"20"180-230 lbs79 galL