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The Liquid Logic Remix kayak series- Remix 59, Remix 69, Remix 79
is designed to be the most comfortable river runner you've ever been in and ideal for novices and instructors. It combines a narrow, long hull with a modern chine placement for a comfortable and stable package that is easy to roll and fast on the river.

It's perfect for novices and instructors excited about rolling and proper eddy turns because it has extra width in the ends for stability, while big water junkies will get the safety to push their limits or experienced racers looking to cash-in, the Remix combines the clear advantages of a relatively narrow and longer hull platform with modern chine placement to create an unrivaled comfortable, stable and responsive package.

LiquidLogic's Remix Kayak Series Features:

  • Narrow and longer hull platform
  • Modern chine placement for comfortable and responsive boat
  • Perfect for novices an

Length Width Weight Cockpit Length Cockpit Width Paddler Weight Volume Deck Size
Remix 59 8'5" 25" 42 lb 33" 20" 110-200 lbs 59 gal L
Remix 69 8'8" 25.5" 44 lb 34" 20" 130-240 lbs 69 gal L
Remix 79 8'11" 26.5" 46 lb 34" 20" 180-230 lbs 79 gal L

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Great design, great fun


The remix is a great boat for just about everything you want to paddle. Its got something different to pretty much all other river boats out there at the moment and thats speed. For a modern kayak, this thing is fast!

The hull and rails work well together to deliver a speedy and responsive boat that just great fun to paddle on all kinds of rivers. It really comes into its own on the big stuff, but the remix can handle tight and technical superbly. It boofs like a dream, its just a more progressive rocker than more creeky boats such as the shiva or jefe.

Add to that LL's super comfy outfitting and well thought out safety features and Shane has produced another proven great design.

(im 6ft, 180lbs. Id paddle the 69 for a day boat, fun stuff, the 79 for multi-day and bigger volume.)

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