The newly redesigned Pyranha Burns are on their way. Mediums and Large are in stock NOW. X-Large will be arriving early May, and Smalls will be available in late June.

Pyranha's redesigned the Burn Kayak to be more stable, playful, and forgiving. The 3rd generation of the Burn enhances river running, with more length for better speed, sharper edges for better tracking, and a tweaked rocker for boof ease. This kayak treats beginners well, while letting experts tackle those big class IV's.

Pyranha's Burn Kayak Features:

  • Increased Length: Extra speed & smoother tracking.
  • Sharper Edges: Greater control & precision for river running and playing.
  • Re-profiled Stern: Edge where you need it & reduced drag.
  • Tweaked Rocker: Ride high over features and get the all-important boof when you need it.
  • Volume Distri

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