The Pyranha Fusion is a fast crossover kayak made to perform on whitewater and flatwater. The Fusion is perfect for a day tour on your local lake or for light overnight on rivers. A drop skeg gives you straight tracking for flat sections and retracts back up when you need to turn on a dime. In whitewater, the Fusion carries speed through waves and holes and has the volume to stay safely on top. Deck rigging allows you to rig a deck bag and extra gear and the hatch provides ample room your light camping needs.

Pyranha Fusion Features:

  • Super Stable & Forgiving Hull. Allows great maneuverability in moving water but allows the paddler to cruise with ease on the flat.
  • Pyranha's tried and tested skeg system. The drag-reducing skeg box allows water to flow freely through the stern of the kayak.
  • Rear Hatch. A Kayak Sport hatch gives a waterproof seal holding up to 78 liters!
  • Foam Bulkhead. Adds extra buoyancy to the boat as we

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