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The Pyranha Fusion is a fast crossover kayak made to perform on whitewater and flatwater. The Fusion is perfect for a day tour on your local lake or for light overnight on rivers. A drop skeg gives you straight tracking for flat sections and retracts back up when you need to turn on a dime. In whitewater, the Fusion carries speed through waves and holes and has the volume to stay safely on top.
  • Super Stable & Forgiving Hull

    Allows great maneuverability in moving water but allows the paddler to cruise with ease on the flat. This one spins on a penny!
  • Tried and Tested Skeg System

    A great feature for the Fusion. It'll keep your tracking in a straight line with no hassle at all. The drag-reducing skeg box allows water to flow freely through the stern of the kayak
  • Rear Hatch

    A Kayak Sport hatch gives a waterproof seal holding up to 78 litres!
  • Foam Bulkhead

    Adds extra bouyancy to the boat as well as being super lightweight. No need for rear airbags!
  • Grab Loops and Rescue Points

    Industry leading grab loops and rescue points are the safest and strongest on the market
  • Deck Features

    The Fusion's foredeck features elsaticated deck lines for if you want to keep a waterproof close to hand. A V-shaped water channel for drainage and a paddle park for if you want to keep your paddle safe whilst you take a photo
  • Connect 30 Outfitting

    Fully adjustable for comfort and control. Don't just paddle, "Connect" to the water
  • Latest HDPE Metallocene

    Increased rigidity, durability and weight saving giving huge quality and performance benefits.
Length Width Weight Cockpit Length Cockpit Width Paddler Weight Volume Deck Size

Fusion Small

9'8" 25" 40.7 lbs 35.5" 19.25" 88-176 lbs 66 gal XL

Fusion Medium

10'2" 26" 45.8 lbs 35.5" 19.25" 120-243 lbs 81.5 gal XL
Fusion Large 10'2" 27" 48.5 lbs 35.5" 19.25" 176-286 lbs 96 gal XL

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