The CKS Discount Rental Card- Economy Package

The CKS rental and demo program is now offering an amazing preseason deal for our loyal CKS customers. Buy a 5 punch prepaid pass good for 5 rentals in the 2015 season and save 50% off the 2015 retail rental pricing. Hundreds of new and experienced paddlers utilize our rental services annually for the convenience and value associated with our top notch gear and great customer service.

So pre pay and save 50%


  • Cost: 5 Punches for $125

  • Each Punch will qualify you for for one Economy Package Rental

  • Economy Package includes : 1-Kayak or SUP, 1 paddle, 1 Pfd.
  • Your card will be mailed to you via a USPS address or you can pick it up at the CKS Retail Storefront after it is purchased on line.
  • Rental Department Season is 4/15/15 thru 9/31/15

  • The card expires 9/31/15, There will be no extensions.

  • The card may be used by multiple people. Meaning you can share it with friends and family.
  • You must have the card physically present during the time of the rental.
  • CKS is not responsible for lost or stolen rental cards. It is 100% your responsibility to hold onto your rental card.
  • Additional charges will apply for additional gear rented and do not qualify for any discount.
  • Transportation to and from your paddling destination is your responsibility
  • Limit to 2 punch cards per person in 2015