River Rescue, A Manual for Whitewater Safety, is a must have book for anyone that participates in outdoor activities, from rafting, to canoeing, to kayaking. Now in it's 4th edition, this handy little book has even more information for the whitewater paddler. If you find yourself out on the river, you need to have this book! Be ready for any situation the river can throw at you.

  • This book is a must read for the weekend warrior or the hard-core pro and provides useful tools and techniques for self rescue and rescue by others.
  • Through all editions, Les and Slim's River Rescue has remained an invaluable resource for anyone who has gone boating.
  • With even more illustrations and photographs this completely revised new edition will help you prepare for the adventure that lies ahead.
  • Subject Matter: Rescue/Safety 
  • Author: Les Bechdel & Slim Ray 
  • Copyright: 2009 
  • Size: 9" x 6" 
  • Pages: 290

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When the crap hits the fan on the river and things start to get real, will you know what to do? This book is a great resource full of handy dandy information that may just save a life if you ever experience a rescue scenario. This book is a great addition to any swiftwater education or paddler's library.

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